Take measures against the new coronavirus!

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Take measures against the new coronavirus!

28 januari 2020 – Groningen

The second semester will start within a couple of days, which means lots of Groninger students are going on exchange. At the same time, a thousand new students will join us in Groningen. The Independent Student is worried about the uncontrolled manner the students will be entering and leaving The Netherlands. The new coronavirus has stricken mainly in popular exchange countries such as China and South-Korea.

Party Leader Dylan Gerding calls for the university to spread more information and take more measures with regards to this virus. “The only way students are getting updates on this matter is through the internal messaging system Nestor. This information is limited to the advices of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment; the website of the ministry of Foreign Affairs and a referral to the general practitioner in case of syptoms.” Gerding considers this information too little, too late. “Students need to be informed proactively regarding the new coronavirus. If you are going abroad, or joining us in Groningen, through the University; the University of Groningen has an obligation to keep you safe and informed.”

Next to that, Gerding dispraises the lack of information regarding the screening of incoming students, considering a substantial amount of incoming students originate from the high-risk countries. “It is absolutely unclear if the UG has a scenario in case of an outbreak and if incoming students receive an health check. Each semester incoming students are checked on TB, why do we not check for this virus?” concludes Gerding.

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