Clear coronarules for student housing!

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Clear coronarules for student housing!

The Independent Student calls for regional mayor Koen Schuiling to change the emergency degree by taking the living situation of students into account.

Despite most students running their house like a common household, they are required to keep a 1,5-meter distance in their houses as well as outside of their houses. If students do not keep this distance, fines up to 400 euros will follow, as well as a registration on the criminal record.

Party leader Dylan Gerding says “In times of corona, the emergency decree of the mayor is invaluable for the safety and health of Groningen. However, for students this leads to unworkable circumstances. ” The current exception on the 1,5-meter distance rule is only for first degree family members.

“As a result of these rules, roommates and housemates are no longer allowed to come within 1,5 meters of each other. As a result, having dinner together as a house, or passing each other in the hallway is impossible.” Gerding continues. He emphasizes that this issue is not only relevant to students: “This problem occurs with all residences where people live together whom are not all first degree family members. For housing dividers, subtenants, assisted living, and informal caregivers, is forms a problem as well.”

Gerding calls for the regional mayor to revise the emergency degree before the 28th of April “In times of corona, we need clear rules. Let’s ensure these rules work for everyone.”