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7.4 For extended library hours

The Independent Student wants:
– The University Library to be a 24h-library during exam periods;
– The Zernike Library to open for 7 days a week from 9.00 to 23.00;

As the amount of students keep increasing while the amount of study places remain the same, the shortage of study places grows. Next to expanding the capacity of study places, The Independent Student recognizes the need for longer opening hours at the University Library. If the library is open for 24 hours each day during exam periods, the flow of students will spread more evenly. Additionally, students will have more freedom to schedule their own learning process in preperation of exams.

The Zernike Library is now opened for only limited hours on weekdays. The Independent Student wants the Zernike Library to be an equal addition to the study capacity in exam periods. During exam periods, the Zernike Library should be opened each day between 9.00 and 23.00. This adds 250 extra study places to the total capacity during the exam period.

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