For real student participation

Vote for ambition

6.1 For decentralized student participation

The Independent Student wants:
– Student participation to be recognized as the essential element of the university they are;
– More influence for faculty councils;

Student participation is the key element of the university of the 21st century. Student members of the council have a broad constituency and are part of the student community, we understand the state of affairs under students. The Independent Student wants the University and Faculty Councils to be recognized as the important part of the decision-making process as they are.

Councils are elected by students. Therefore students should receive transparent and enough information on when the councils meet, what policies will be discussed and how to reach out to their council members.

Faculties rely on their student factions for input on faculty policies on student affairs. The Independent Student wants a 50/50 division of staff and students in each council, contrary to the current vast staff majority. Next to that, The Independent Student wants more instruments for student factions to influence faculty policy.

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