For real student participation

Vote for ambition

6.3 For the active student community

The Independent Student wants:
– A lower member-threshold for funding of student and study associations;
– Promotion for taking part in student and study associations;

Student and study associations form a vital part of our community, by organizing events, helping students develop their careers and making friends for life. Unfortunately, some student and associations have seen member numbers decline. As a result of which, they are no longer eligable for funding by the university. The Independent Student recognizes the value of all student associations and wants the current threshold of 150 members to be lowered to a less substantial amount of students.

As student and study associations are not only important to the student community, but to the university as a whole, they should be able to promote themselves in the university. The Independent Student wants student organizations to be able to promote themselves without requiring explicit consent from the university. The university can allow promotional activities, as long as these activities do not cause major nuisance.