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Vote for ambition

Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Arts is a broad faculty; from American studies and Middle Eastern Studies to Linguistics and (Art) History. More than 5000 students and 700 staff members are a part of this faculty. The Independent Student is not only active in the university council, but since this year also at the faculty council of Arts! We are here to represent you during these trying new times. With the Independent Student, we are here to give you more choice during the faculty council elections with us being the liberal choice.

The Independent Student stands for a more flexible university. This means that it is important for students to explore extracurricular activities without the student being hindered in his/her studies. Especially for Arts it is very important that the attendance requirement for classes is abolished. Attendance is not something that suits a university education and students are fully capable of deciding for themselves which lectures/seminars they want to attend. Attendance is not necessary if students study what they want to study.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Arts offers many great and interesting courses. However, students are too often hindered in the courses that they would like to follow. Students should be encouraged to take on extra courses if they want to, without being hindered by having to ask permission first from a study advisor. Of course, the Independent Student has even more interesting points for the upcoming academic year. You can read the whole election program down below and with your vote we can put our election program into practice!

So, vote for ambition, vote for the Independent Student!

Kind regards,

Iris van Son
Candidate Party Leader The Independent Student Faculty of Arts