The Independent Student

A vote for ambition


University policies should be held to the highest standards. We want the university to ensure the safety, privacy and legal certainty of its students.


Sustainability comes with deeds, not words. We want solid measures from the university to improve the sustainability of its policies and buildings.


The University of Groningen is a Top 100 university. We want the UG to keep providing the education of the future. Individual freedom and an entrepreneurial mindset should be embraced as core values.

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Our People

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David Jan Meijer

#1 University Council

Third year Law student, former ESN board member, works as a content creator and webdesigner, advises companies on privacy. Also writes a weekly column for the Studentenkrant

Marie-Cecile Hatzmann

#1 Faculty of Economics and Business

My name is Marie-Cecile Hatzmann, 25 years old and I study Marketing at the UG

Chantal van Verseveld

#1 Faculty of Arts

My name is Chantal van Verseveld and I am 21 years old. Since this year I am studying European Languages and Cultures (ETC) with politics as orientation and Spanish as major language.

Niek Blaauw

#1 Faculty of Law

Hey! My name is Niek Blaauw and I’m a 20-year old, first-year student at the faculty of law. An enthousiastic bar/restaurant worker, you can almost always find me in the city centre.

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