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My name is David Jan, the candidate-party leader of The Independent Student! For the last three years, I have been studying Dutch Law, been the secretary of ESN Groningen and this year I am the Chair of The Independent Student. Next to that, I write a column for The Studentenkrant, produce a podcast called Tijd voor Inhoud, and advise students and student associations on legal matters.

The upcoming academic year, I want to represent you! The Independent Student wants to make flexible studying a thing, in which you do not longer pay per academic year, but only pay for the subjects you follow. This way, you can have a side-job, be part of a student board or play sports! 

Next to that, I want the university to continue its digitalisation. We are all following our courses online, let us make sure that we have all of our lectures readily available online as well!

To conclude, The Independent Student will focus on a safe and accessible university. You can read all about it on this new website!

Kind regards,

David Jan Meijer
Candidate Party Leader The Independent Student