For a flexible university

Vote for ambition

1.1 For a flexible study system

The Independent Student will:
– Advocate for a flexible study system, where students pay per course;
– Ensure the university to supports its students in personal development;
– Plead for the university to considers extracurricular activities a key part of student life.

Extracurricular activities are important. Sports, socializing, cultural explorations are core elements of your personal development. These elements will greatly improve your chance of success in finding the career you want. Therefore, you need to be given the space to develop yourself on these core elements during your studies.

This system is already in place in several Dutch universities, and we believe it is time for the UG to follow suit. Together with other innovative educational approaches, every student will be able to receive the perfect curriculum with enough time for personal development.

The Independent Student deems it is important for students to be facilitated in this process. The university should allow for extracurricular activities to take place, by creating a flexible study system. This flexible study system would allow a student to pay per course, instead of the entire year. The student will thus get to choose their workload and pay accordingly.

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