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Vote for ambition

The Independent Student launches positivity campaign

The Independent Student launches a campaign that focuses on what is possible within the current measures concerning the coronavirus. The party launches the #hetkanwel (it is possible) campaign to emphasize what is possible. The party does this in response to the many negative reports that followed the relaxation of measures from student circles. In doing …

Groningen students resist the Chinese state

Ka Yan is a human rights activist from Hong Kong who spends a lot of time exploring and dissecting the relationship between the Netherlands and the Chinese state. In this video she explains how the Confucius Institutes work and what dangers they bring.We would really appreciate it if you like and share her video!

Solicitation party lists are now open

Dear Reader,  Are you ambitious, decisive and do you have the drive to voice your opinion and that of your fellow students? If the answer to that question is yes, then we would like to see you on one of our party lists for the upcoming university elections.  This year we are participating with the …