Censoring the Arts Faculty Facebook page

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Censoring the Arts Faculty Facebook page

In May the student candidates for the faculty council of Arts asked the faculty board to use their Facebook for a post. This would be a post for each running party that could be very useful because of the transformation from our regular campaign to a digital campaign. The board agreed with the proposal, but with the rather puzzling condition that these campaign posts must not ‘‘get political’’. The reason for this is that the board does not want criticism or diversity of ideas on their digital platform.

We, The Independent Student Arts and DAG Arts, find this strange and unrealistic. If we cannot express our political differences then how can students know who to vote for? It would only be a sign of a healthy democratic climate in the faculty if we can express our political differences.

Therefore we are disappointed with the faculty boards decision to only allow for campaigning without content. We feel it shows that the democratic process behind co-decisionship is not taken seriously. We do not want to waste students’ time with empty campaign material. Moreover, we believe it is unfair to those parties who are running for the first time because they only can discuss their (political) plans and ideas for the future, which they are not allowed to do now.

Signed by;
The Independent Student Arts, DAG Arts

This video has been refused on the Arts Faculty Facebook page