Exams in times of corona

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Exams in times of corona

By: Pieter Polhuis

What are teachers allowed to ask from you during exams?

Teachers are subject to the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER). In the OER, the specific rights and obligations of students are stated per course at the University of Groningen. Based upon this OER, an Exam Regulation has been created. This is a document in which the faculty decides on the way an exam should take place. When teachers want to differ from this regulation, a student has the right to discuss this. Both documents can be found on the website of the UG.

Where can students go if teachers do not follow the rules?

Students have two options to make their dissatisfaction known: informal and formal.

Informally, the student can correspond with the responsible teacher with tips and feedback. If this does not lead to the desired outcome, students can decide to use the formal procedure.

Formally, students have the right to file a complaint with the with their faculties Board of Examiners, with regards to general and procedural issues during the exam (such as noise complaint or when an exam starts too late). In case of a complaint with regards to the content or grading of the exam, the student can file an objection with the Board of Appeal for Examinations, using the Central Portal for the Legal Protection of Student Rights (CLRS). Within six weeks, the CLRS has to respond to the objection.

Do your rights differ in times of corona?

We are living in special times, now everything is forced to take place digitally. The risk that not all exams go as planned is significant. As stated, there are two things for you to do. The advice is to try the informal way first. Especially in times of corona, it is for both parties more effective, faster and nicer to find a solution in a reasonable manner.

Are you getting nowhere with your problem, and does the OER not provide enough information? Then make sure to contact our legal team at bestuur@dvs-groningen.nl